About …

A transplant from downeast Maine, finding myself now “2,000 miles from the ocean,” I’ve been messing around the past few years in mountain streams in the Pacific Northwest.  I’ve been piecing together some approaches that “work for me,” and thought I’d start this blog to collect and share my experiences.

I’ve been particularly drawn to the elegance and simplicity of European nymphing, and to extending these approaches to the use of traditional wet- and dry flies.

I enjoy fishing, I enjoy tying my own flies & making my own equipment.  I’m far from a master at any of this, but I have a great time at it.  Mostly I enjoy standing in mountain streams; the fish, herons, osprey, kingfishers, ravens, otters, and old-growth surroundings – even the downed trees making wading a challenging experience – help to make the experience complete.

So here follow my stumblings – collected from here & there, & discovered, & learnings from my mistakes, some hopefully useful to others …

(don’t ask me where the stream pictures in the rotating header are from … I’ve removed the exif data, & I ain’t telling’.  but there are plenty to explore …).



Tho cutthroats from smallish streams are my fav, I certainly have no problem with a redside or two –