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I’m so sorry to have been away for so long.

A hemorrhagic stroke in September 2014 had me in hospital for a month & in intensive physical rehab all last winter & spring.  My wonderful adult sons got me out a few times lake fishing from canoe and testing my wading balance in some small mountain streams last summer, for some good times.  I had some wonderful physical therapists who recognized the therapy inherent in fishing, who had me walking on uneven surfaces waving around a wand to simulate casting in the hospital corridors, and practicing wading in a heated therapy pool, navigating simulated plastic-block boulders.  Eric Stroup’s marvelous online project was lifesaving, his ever-present optimism helped to counter my inner Eeyore when I was unable to get out for real.

It’s of course now winter again, I’m now well over a year into what looks to be an amazing recovery, and the story here in Oregon is anadromous fish; my son Ben has kept me entertained (tho jealous) with his adventures with fall sea-run cutthroat, fall Chinook & Coho salmon, and winter steelhead in coastal & west-slope rivers.  I hope to be out when the weather improves, perhaps for the tail-end of the winter steelhead run, but definitely for the small-stream openings in late spring.

In the meanwhile, my left hand dexterity (levsterity?) improving, I hope to trickle in some tying posts, as I load up my boxes for the spring/summer season.

The people of Oregon, aided perhaps by the realities imposed by last summer’s draught, appear to have managed to save the waters of the Columbia River Gorge from being distributed via discardable  plastic bottles, to keep it instead in the pristine streams so vital to our resident and anadromous fish and the extended ecosystem (including us!) dependent on these.  Well done us!

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