Klinkhammer hooks update – Demmon DGE 300BL

demmon 300 BLin addendum to my earlier post re Klinkhammers & Klinkhammer hooks,

(see http://nwcutthroat.com/2015/04/03/the-klinkhammer-klinkhamer-special-and-variations-and-hooks/ )

my search for barbless alternatives has led me to the Demmon DGE 300 BL.  Pictured here (top row) along with the Daichii 1167, the (barbed) hook recommended by Hans van Klinken for his pattern.

The Demmon DGE 300 is also available in a barbed version, but my interest in this hook is centered on its built-barbless holding ability; remember, we don’t need no stinkin’ barbs.  Note the long needle compared to that of the Daichii 1167, along with the wide gape, even in the #16.  Can’t get that by merely crushing down a barb.

The shape of the curved shank is very similar to the Daichii 1167 Klinkhammer hook, resulting in a very similar appearing fly.  I’m still fond of the Hanák H390BL hook for general emerger patterns, but for a “genuine” Klinkhammer, the Demmon DGE 300 BL appears to be the hook to beat.

Demmon hooks are very well-made, super-sharp, and come in a variety of designs suited to most tying needs.


Troutline (Romania)
xcellent service; I find the standard “Romanian post” shipping to be relatively fast and inexpensive to the US west coast.

TroutLegend Store (Dejon Hamann, U.S.; Springville, NY)
in Troutline packaging)

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