salmonfly on salmonberrySalmon flies are on!
The salmonfly (Pteronarcys californica) hatch is a major annual event on cascade east-slope rivers.  This weekend, I was surprised by a hatch in a west-slope small
stream watershed.

Just a hike – no gear with me, these guys were fully half the size of the largest trout in salmonfly2the stream; a dozen head-to-tail would come
close to spanning the creek at many points. (& streams in this watershed don’t open ’till later this month, in any event).

A very sweet creek to hike along- one of my favorite Columbia River Gorge hikes.

Dry- & nymph imitations worked close to stream edge cover can make for awesome fishing on larger rivers, but here I’m afraid a fly of this size might terrorize the small cuts in this stream.







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