Stimulator Sally

Hook: Akita AK 793 BL, #10
(carried by;
note the exceptionally long needle and wide gape compared to standard barbed stimulator hooks.

Thread: Veevus 10/0, yellow

Tail: FishOn ultra-dry poly yarn, white (to start);  tie long initially, wrap with thread along the top the hook up the abdomen as an underbody (to help with flotation).  As the final step in tying, color tail with red permanent marker, and trim short, to imitate the egg sac of an egg-laying female.  I picked up this poly yarn tail idea from Eric Stroup of FaceTime Fly Fishing, in place of the standard deer-hair tail; the poly yarn is exceptionally buoyant & helps to float the tail end of the fly even more successfully than the traditional deer hair.

Hackle 1 (abdomen): cream, shorter than hook gape, palmered in open wraps over dubbed abdomen.

Abdomen: Wapsi SuperFine dry fly dubbing, pale morning dun, #136, as a thin dubbing noodle; wrapped over the poly yarn extension of the tail material which is tied down on top of the hook.

Wing: bleached deer or elk hair.  Leave plenty of room for a generous thorax ahead of the wing tie-in point.  Trim the butt ends at an angle to form a tapered thorax, and create an even tapered “cone” of thread base over these from the wing tie-in point to just behind the eye, as base for the dubbed thorax.

Thorax: FishOn NBC dubbing, pale green, as a buggy dubbing noodle.

Hackle 2 (thorax): Cream, sized to hook; at least 4-5 wraps, to densely hackled, over the dubbed thorax.

Finish with 2 three-turn whip finishes behind eye.

A great floater, good as a “mule” fly in a dry/dropper arrangement, and excellent for pocket water and along the turbulent edges of runs.

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