Beadhead Pheasant tail nymph (jig-style)

Hook: Hanak 450 BL special (wide-gape) jig hook; #14 (also #12, 16)

Bead: 2.5, 3.0, or 3.5 mm gold or copper tungsten slotted

Thread: Veevus 10/0 red

Tail: the tips of 4 pheasant tail fibers, which will be wrapped to form the abdomen as well; tie in with a few turns of red tying thread at the bend of the hook, to form the tag hot-spot

Rib: gold or copper wire, fine (0.1mm); tie in and wind back to the pheasant tail fibers

Abdomen: make a rope of the wire and the four pheasant tail fibers, grabbing them with one of those electronic test clips often used as hackle pliers, twisting the fibers and wire together; wind this “rope” as the abdomen – this creates a very durable body with prominent segmentation.  Depending on the direction of twist of your rope, and the direction in which you wrap the body, you may need to add a twist or let out the twist once per wrap.

Thorax: dubbed spiky squirrel plucked from the pelt, emphasizing the guard hairs, picked out slightly, or tied in split thread

Collar hot-spot: several turns of tying thread, finished with 2 3-turn whip finishes

I tie the same fly with Veevus 10/0 olive or orange thread, for olive or orange hot-spots at tag and collar; or with just a tag hot spot in red, orange or olive, omitting one at the collar.

A great point fly for Czech- and French nymphing.

pheasant tail olive tag

beadhead PTs

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