Rio Euro Nymph line – review

Euro_Nymph_BoxI’ve recently been using the new Rio Nymph line, developed by Rio in conjunction with Steve Parrott of Blue Quill Angler.  This is intended as a one-size-fits-all for use on dedicated Euro nymphing rods rated 2-5 weight, and is a very light line (a bit smaller in diameter than 000 wt) intended for tight-line nymphing strategies.

For my long-leader (“French” or leader-to-hand) fishing, it is a bit superfluous, as with those strategies, I rarely have line out of the tip-top, or even off the reel.  But as I understand, this is designed to replace the long butt section of these long leaders – a necessity for competitive anglers (which I am not) who need to have something recognized as actual fly line out of the guides – but this could prove to be an improvement over the long-leader / leader-to-hand strategies I’ve adapted to.  Time will tell on this, & I’ll update on my experience as I play with it more in this setting.

But for short-line, “Czech” nymphing, where I have between a foot and a rod-length of line out of the guides, this stuff is fantastic.

  • very light weight, so essentially no line sag when tight-lining with as much as a rod-length (or more) of line out;
  • small diameter, so doesn’t “sail” in the wind as much as a standard line would;
  • very supple
  • not slick or slippery.  Now this is in contrast with a lot of contemporary line development, which emphasizes slippery/slick lines for shootability, but here we aren’t going for distance – the thing is, this stuff hangs up lightly in the guides, so it doesn’t fall back when just leader, or leader & a bit of line, is out of the tip-top.  Used to drive me nuts when trying to use a “normal” line.
    & It still casts just fine on my 2- to 3-wt rods for dry fly work at sane ranges.

Now here’s the thing.  It’s a double taper, 80′ long.  I don’t need 80′ of line for tight-line nymphing.  Even when fishing traditionally on large water, if I have more than 30′ of line out of the guides, I’m probably showing off & not seriously fishing (except when I’m using my 4-wt trout spey rod with soft hackles, more on that later).  But I’m thrilled that Rio makes it this way, ’cause –

I cut it in half.  2 lines for the price of 1.  & Tie the backing to the cut center, for a 40′ line.  I bought 2 of these lines, so have one for my 11′ 3-wt, one for my 10′ 2-wt, and one for each of my sons.

I’d been using a Rio LT double taper 000-wt line on my nymphing rods prior to this, & that was working well for all the same reasons, but this is a significant improvement even over that; a bit finer, more supple, and less line fall-back.

So for “Czech” nymphing, a very high rating.
For replacing the long butt sections of my “French” and leader-to-hand leaders, the cards are out, I’ll update this after a season’s trials.

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4 Responses to Rio Euro Nymph line – review

  1. jesse says:

    Any luck with the rioset up to replace yout mono leader set up. I us amnesia 15 lb test but get tired of the handling aspect. Thinking of maybe trying the rio set up for both czech and leader to handuses. thanks in advance

    • Will says:

      I still like the leader-to-hand setup for general use, occasionally use the nymph line esp. with a furled leader on larger water when the wind is up. Just got a Barrio micro-nymph line, will be trialing that soon. I use Izorline in hi-vis yellow at 20# for my leader-to-hand butt section, softened by boiling with a touch of fabric softener, & find handling to not be a problem.

      • jesse says:

        thanks, for the reply. I like the handling and casting of the euro line but the increased line sag definitely limits range. I am going to give the izorline a try.

        • Will says:

          Some of the commercially- available “French” casting leader-to-hand leaders are very nice as well – e.g. from FishOn Productions, Dohiku, Unique Flies, &c. – tho I do prefer to tie my own. The yellow Izorline is very nice for visibility, aiding quick leading & line management.

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